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Power from sugar and urine . . . read it to believe it . . .

Probably some hype in those articles, but it shows proven examples of how a cyborg could power implanted electronics in the body . . .

Next up, a robot that requires blood for power :P


--- Quote from: Admin on May 24, 2007, 12:33:37 PM ---Next up, a robot that requires blood for power :P

--- End quote ---

Actually, don't laugh - "wearable" computers that monitor toxins and such in our blood supply could easily be powered by a glucose fuel cell...

- Jon

pretty cool

Jon, I meant that as a pun on the word 'power' ;)

Im so clever hahahah! ok ill stop now . . .

You could build a sarcastic robot with one of those urine batteries. It would get it's power by taking the piss !! :D

... I'm sorry for that  ::)


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