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Does anyone know some good free video making software? I currently use the Windows Movie Maker but its very limiting and has annoying bugs . . . Gotta make new robot videos for you guys!

What kind of thing do you want to do with it? Do you want like better transitions, or like the ability to actually edit the video with like CGI graphics?

Basically the same Ive done with my previous robot movies, but with better transitions, more options for displaying text, and no annoying static popping sounds when I put music on the video . . .

maverick monk:
this is the set up I use, the card converts analog video & audio to didgital (the card also comes in PCI and as a plug in USB device) and it comes with Power Producer Express and Power DVD by Cyberlink. theres a new version of Power Producer you might want to look into also.

I haven't seen any free video programs worth the trouble of downloading... (Trust me, I looked EVERYWHERE!)

So I finally spent the money on a program...

If you decide to buy one, I recommend ULead video studio...
they have a free 30 day trial to test it out first...

You can get version 9 (what I have) on ebay for $30...
It even comes with some free 3D transitions!


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