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       Hi Soeren and Dunk

           Remember the HMR3100 Compass......same guy.  Still going though the surplus equipment.  Thought this might be
      of Interest to the robot types...never know to you ask.
           Parallax Inc. (parallax.com) BS2p 40 Modules.  Programmable Microcontroller, PBasic programming language.  How about
      Welthend WT50F5 (datasheet4U..ref discription) 8 bit UC w/ 8KB flashmemory an 8 ch 12 bit A/D conver & 16X4 lcd driver.
      I have the LCDs ..LOL.   Or .... RCM-3100 Rabbit Core microprocessor.
           Please check Web sites and let me know if there would be any use for them in the world of Robots.

                                                                                                            Regards, ZEE
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