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Anyone ever use a SpeakJet speech chip?

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As much as I loath Sparkfun I haven't been able to avoid them completely, and they seem to be having shipping issues (they are now on the third attempt to ship me AVRs at work, all I keep getting are a handful of PICs) and instead of sending me the $0.95 chips i ordered, they sent me a bunch of these $25 SpeakJet speech chips instead.

The videos on youtube of talking robots look cool. Has anyone used them before? I don't want to spend $20 on  the ASCII converter chip to drive them. Are there any open source ASCII to allophones libraries i can implement myself?

Tried google but i get overloaded with people using them and not much actual code for them.

I did not use a SpeakJet, but I know of a software that transforms text to allophones, PhraseALator.

If you have too many of them, send one to me :D

I found PhraseALator by google, but it seems to just be a program that has a lookup table, and is limited to the words in that table. I looked through the table and couldn't find words like 'battery'.

Razor Concepts:
You coud try "bat - tree"   ;D ;D

I've used the SoundGin, which is close, I was offered a small test board with the chip and a 232 port and amplifier, and a program to install on the computer and do the text to speech, google "soundgin" there's a yahoo groups page with helpful people.


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