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Anyone ever use a SpeakJet speech chip?

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I'm interested, the videos of it working are pretty neat.

The datasheet is straight forward, it maps allophones to bytes. The trouble i have is how do i know which allophones to pick out for 'battery' and other words. I'll have to sit down one day and just google for a while to see if i can find a newb cheat-sheet.


For the word "Battery", I would try this as my first go:

Change what doesn't sound quite right with similar allophones (Table C, p. 14 of the datasheet)
Then play with timing, pitch etc.

Do you have a circuit up and running to test it on?

If you record a .wav of it, post it and perhaps I can guide you further - it's a bit abstract until you actually hear how the chip handles it.

No circuit up yet but i will cook one up soon. I'll report back when I do.

Thanks for the help.

M first use might be to add to my robot to announce error messages.

Hey all just wondering if anyone has used the SpeakJet since this topic came up?? I did a search for it on here as i just bought one to play around with and havent found much on using it. I can make simple sayings with it although they need tweaking to make them more understandable.


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