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logitech joy stick with a 32 channel servo controller
« on: August 11, 2010, 10:13:01 AM »
I had tried to find a person that make me a set up on a computer joystick and 32 channel servo board with out a the need of a pc.
my project will consist with this parts or something like it ... can someone tell me if and/or how it can be done or make it for me!!!

1. logiteck joystick
2. EZ lcd to program functions on the joystick
3. Zigbee Transceiver "long range"
4. 32 channel servo controller - one channels per key or switch from the joystick
5. two video cameras for a I-glasses "3D video from robot"

this links are from my idea to make a finish kit that any body buy to control a robot

the links below are in the same order as above parts

1. joystick site

2. EZlcd site

3. Zigbee site - some of this modules have a range up 14 miles

4. this company makes a 32 channel servo controller

5. video transmiter and I-glasses

this is not for a 14 mile range even know it could work


CAN SOME ONE HELP ME GET THIS TOGETHER yes I know is a crazy idea but I need help!

some videos for YouTube

Zigbee remote controlled Six Wheel Robot
Arduino robot. Xbee / Zigbee
Indoor 4 Wheel Robot


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