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I'm currently building my first robot, and I have decided to use a PIC microcontroller. Am I right in thinking that together with the little black chip itself, which only costs a couple of $, I will need to buy a crystal oscillator to provide a clock signal, and voltage regulator, and other things, or are these included within the chip? I already have a voltage regulator for the rest of my circuitry, so could I use that?

I also need to get a programming board, that will program the microcontroller via a cable from a PC, right? I'm interested in building one myself, are there any tutorials on doing this?


Typical microcontrollers already come with an internal oscillator (check datasheets), but if you want speeds about 4x higher, or require better accuracy, then you should use a crystal. You also need two capacitors to go with the crystal. If you are just building a basic robot you can skip the oscillator, as I doubt you would need it.

You also need MAX232 IC with all supporting capacitors and a db9 connector so your PIC has a serial connection. This serial connector would then, yes, connect to a programmer and your PC.

The first time you do this it can be a little overwhelming. Unfortunately I do not have any tutorials yet for this, but I might have one in 2-3 months from now. I will have schematics, code, and a parts list, hence the long delay . . . Working on it now . . .

I do however have other stuff you may immediately need, such as schematics for robot power:


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