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Help with fingertech tiny esc's
« on: August 22, 2010, 08:41:54 PM »
I hate to bounce in here with a question, but I'm struggling with what I thought would be a simple setup. Maybe somebody could help me out. I have converted a 1/50th scale Die Cast Caterpillar dumptruck to be radio control. I'm using a Tamiya gearbox and one Hitec HS-65MG micro servo. I am using a 7.4 volt lipo battery.I'm simply trying to use fingertech tiny esc's I just received and they are acting up and not functioning right when I plug in the servo. I have swapped the radio to see if that's the problem, but the same thing happens. I bought two tiny esc's one w/bec and one without. I'm trying to supply power through the esc. The esc without a bec does not even work at all, and I just opened the package. The one with bec works just fine alone. Once I plug in the servo I lose all control of both channels. I've tested my setup with a standard esc and I have no problems. So, I'm at a loss here. I've already burned two servos up and one receiver because of my micro lipo 7.4 battery. I was told that this fingertech esc would regulate the voltage to my servo, but I'm just not having any luck. Thanks. Sorry so long.

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Re: Help with fingertech tiny esc's
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2010, 01:09:13 PM »
I realize this is an old post and hopefully got figured out, but to help others who may have similar questions;

The "tinyESC" motor controllers have a BEC version and a non-BEC version.  BEC of course means Battery-Eliminator Circuit (it has a 5V regulator that supplies the receiver with power instead of needing an additional 5V battery for the receiver).  Your non-BEC version will not supply power to the receiver and hence appears to not work until you plug in the BEC version as well.

Plugging in the BEC version powers everything up until you plug in the servo.  The reason for this is that the voltage regulator in the tinyESCwBEC can only supply up to 100mA and a servo tries to draw much more than this.  As soon as the servo is plugged in the electronics are browned-out (barely enough power to turn on) and things stop working.

To solve this you will want to get a larger (more available current) BEC.  My favourites are from Dimension Engineering.  There are several versions that can supply current to many servos at once.

Additionally, the two different tinyESC/tinyESCwBEC have been upgraded and merged into tinyESC v2.  This single version has a BEC in every controller, at the price of the old non-BEC version.  Stores are changing over as they sell out of the v1 controllers so you will see them soon.  (Or go here: http://www.fingertechrobotics.com/products.php?cat=Motor+Controllers)

Hope that helps!


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