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Hello people. I don't know if anyone out there sells 12V power regulation (and 12V SLA battery chargers) for cheap. But since I haven't found any, I'm thinking of making my own. I just have a few questions...

This local store sells the UA-7812K 12V 1.5A power regulator. I was just wondering. If I may need up to 15A when both of my motors are running at full throttle, would it be acceptable to wire 10 such power regulators in parellel?

Also, would it be acceptable to install a large capacitor *after* the power regulators, so that if there is a large energy drain, the power gets drained from the capacitor, but the surge does not get through the regulators (to avoid frying them?).

Yeap, putting 10 in parallel would work . . .

You are right, the capacitors should be after the regulators . . . oops I should fix that . . .

ok, fixed

You should consider buying a switching regulator instead of putting that many regulators in parallel . . .

Yea if anyone notices something wrong with anything I write, I encourage you to point it out - I'm only human!  :P


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