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Circut Question (puzzle)


Hello all, I'm a new robot builder, and i've been trying for some time to make fully working MST3k robots, and don't know how to start, but that's for another time....
My current problem is this very tricky puzzle card.  Just wondering if anyone here could help me out by telling me what exactly the circut belongs to.  (or who's story it is.) thanks much for your time! -DH

hmmm there are several components in that circuit not connected to anything . . .

there also appears to be an redundant switch . . .

it looks as if when both switches are closed, the speaker emits a noise for the time it takes the capacitor to charge.

and oddly the + end of the battery is connected to ground . . . definitely not normal for today.

one of the components looks like a microphone . . . making sounds into it can fluctuate the voltage, making the speaker create a similar sound . . .

i bet its an old telephone circuit!!!

THANKS!  now everyone's trying to figure out if this "circut" would make diffrent noises through the speaker, or if the answer would be played through it. >yeah, were's dense.


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