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REALLY small robot motors

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Totally kewl motors... maybe good as a small actuator, replacing pneumatics or big servos. If I read the overview correctly, even the load bearing capacity of these "tiny" motors is a non-issue. This actually reminds me of Canon's USM (ultrasonic motor) technology used in lens focusing mechanisms.


i might be able to use this for my currect project . . .

If you find a price, let me know - they look like amazing little linear actuators...

- Jon

$950 for a motor with controller and power supply.  Here's some additional detail from the sales department -

--- Quote ---The Squiggle motor uses ultrasonic vibrations in a threaded nut to precisely
rotate a fine-pitch screw. The standard motor moves in increments as small
as 20 nanometers, pushes >5 Newtons, moves up to 2 millimeters per second
and holds position when powered-off.
--- End quote ---


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