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Some friends at my school had an engineering project to do with remote sensing. They bought a GSM/GPRS modem (a Wavecom Fastrack M1306B)  through the company that they were working with but never got round to actually using it... The guy from the company they worked with said that they could keep the modem. Pretty good since its worth about ?80 i think. These companies must have money to throw away....

Anyway to the point. My friend has no use for it and is willing to sell it to me dirt cheap. What do you guys think of it? Any experience with these things before? Should i get it?

It says in the manual that it can execute native ANSI C application. Is it going to be able to be programmed with my own applications?

Here is a link to the manual - http://www.linkwave.co.uk/assets/Fastrack_M1306B_User_Guide_rev003.pdf


Looks a bit specialised to me. I think you shouldn't buy it unless you know exactly how you would intend to use it.

hmmm i might even just buy it to sell it.... i could make a small profit :)

Again, see if it is a redundant technology before you try and sell it, even if you do buy it.

I wouldn't think it was worth the hassle, of course, unless you buy it off your mate for ?20 and them sell it on for ?80. But then, think about this: who would want to buy it from you? You would have to have quite a lot of advertising before someone wants something specific as that, right?

Ebay maybe, but, i'm not even too sure about that.

Just do some reaseach init.


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