Author Topic: robotics internship at CMU (rCommerce lab)  (Read 2337 times)

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robotics internship at CMU (rCommerce lab)
« on: October 19, 2010, 07:38:35 PM »
From my email . . .

The rCommerce lab in the Field Robotics Center is seeking an undergraduate intern/work-study to assist with refining and extending the group's existing single and multi-robot simulators, realistically simulating the robots perception and subsequent actions. The intern will work with closely a staff member for design and implementation of the simulator. In addition, the intern will assist graduate students and research staff in collection and compilation of scientific data to support the group’s research on the various single- and multi-robot platforms including pioneers, LAGRs and E-Gators.

At a minimum, candidates must have a strong mathematical background as well as programming experience and some knowledge of graphical user interfaces. Past experience in working with robots is preferred and we ask that you submit relevant details from prior projects. Candidate must have experience with object-oriented programming in C++ and must have basic skills in application and user-interface design. Candidate must be able to work independently with minimal supervision, to collaborate well with others, and to learn independently. Excellent time management skills, good communication skills, and the ability to pay close attention to detail and to reliably meet deadlines are all essential qualities of a suitable candidate. Please apply with contact information for at least two references who can comment on your ability to work (and learn) independently and to collaborate with others.

Contact Information: Balajee Kannan ([email protected]@@ri....cmu....edu)

Addnl Info: www.cs.cmu.edu/~humanrobotteams



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