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I'm kinda new to robot building, and had a question about servos on RC robots.  I was wondering if there is a way to connect 2 servos into one channel instead of having to use 2 seperate channels. Please help!!!



So a servo uses 3 wires: signal, power, and ground. If two servos share the same signal wire, they will do the same thing. Just connect the signal wires together, and run them both to the same channel.

There is also something called a Y harness which looks basically like a Y. It connects two servo wires into a single wire. You can also do this with some wire and a solder iron too . . .

thanks for the help.  i was also wondering what a good battery would be. it is going to be r/c, and i will be powering 3 servos.  needs to be cheap.


I recommend NiMH battery pack, rated at 6V, with 2000mAh or more.


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