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hi... I'm new here n also quite new to robotics... I'm currently doing my final year thesis project on the head for a medium size walking robot. So the main thing that I need to do is:
1. to use sensor to detect objects within 1-2 m,
2. then if object is detected, turn on camera and capture an image, send wirelessly to a PC
3. write some software to process the image and determine the object's height
4. based on the height, send some feedbacks to the robot on what to do next

As I said before, I'm kinda new to robotics, and I have a limited budget for my project, so now I'm kinda stuck on what components should I use. I've been doing some researches and plan to use sharp gp2y0a02yk for the sensor. As for the camera, I initially plan to use wireless webcam but the cost certainly not desirable by my supervisor. So I need to find some other alternatives. I read somewhere on using gameboy camera for robotics, but not sure whether I can make use of it and how can I build the wireless communication. I'm really kinda desperate and since it's my final year project. Hope anyone can give me some suggestion.... thanks in advance.

You meantioned using the camera from a gameboy. Well I think you might be in luck, sites such as www.hackaday.com (they also give links to other mod sites) offer some in depth discussions of using peripheal devices from commercial products such as gameboy. I seem to remember them talking about using a gameboy cam, but not totally sure.

Wireless cameras + the reciever are going to be expensive. Try E-Bay, I often see a load of them on it for cheap.

I find this wireless camera on e-bay: http://www.ebay.com.my/viItem?ItemId=140018069600

What do u guyz think bout this one? Can it be used in my project? In my understanding, this camera will transmit wirelessly via usb so image can be viewed on pc. is it correct?

If let say this camera really can be used for my project, I think I still need another wireless connection for feedback from pc to the robot. any suggestion on the circuit to be used?

Oh n thanks for the replies ^^

What kind of feedback do you need?


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