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Sparkfun Embedded Electronics Tutorial


Sparkfun put up a lengthy tutorial about embedded electronics, I had a quick read of it and it seems useful for beginners and covers a lot of ground. It even uses a AVR MCU like the $50 robot  ;D

It can be found here



Halleluljah (or however you spell it), that is a freakin great set of tutorials. Fairplay.

And they now have kits based on the Lectures.

"A few new items as well! Due to the demand for parts from the Beginning Embedded Lectures, we'd added some loose through hole components: 10k Resistors, 330 Ohm Resistors, and 0.1uF Capacitors. All are chosen for their easy of use and small size. On top of that, we've created a few 'kits' of parts to match up with the lectures. The Microcontroller kit, Power Supply kit, and RS232 kit all add various small parts to your cart to go along with the lectures."

- Rommel


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