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A few people have asked questions about Autodesk CAD software . . . so I called and asked . . .

How much does it cost? Well the cost for government organizations, for the full Autodesk Inventor Professional version, is $7590.31. Its as if they made up that number just for me . . . And of course for a company much more . . .

But they said I can trade in my older version 7 for a discount! A whole $4 discount! Im serious, like really who would take that seriously?!

Then I asked how much would it cost if I wanted to not include wiring functionality (Autodesk Inventor Simulation Suite). Like if I didnt want to have a red wire connected across a circuit board . . . the price? $6411.
It costs $1100 to CAD a wire?!?!?

Oh and I asked about the student version, like what is different from the more expensive software. Well . . . the guy didnt know, and said I would have to call another number . . . but he said it probably would just have a watermark on it when you print stuff out . . .

blaaaah disappointing . . . anyone know the pricing for solid works (goverment or industry price)?

If you have a "school-issued email address" or *cough* knows someone who does. You can download the student version of Autodesk inventor for FREE. I downloaded it a few months back, did some tutorials and it seems nice. Other postgrads here have tried it more extensively and say it's the full version, the only limitation being that when you print out drawings it has a border around it saying STUDENT VERSION. Not much to put up with if you A) Don't print it out, B) Own a scissors :)

The link is here:


you can get solidworks student edition too. it's almost like the regular kind, except they did something to it, so that businesses can't use it.
IIRC it's around $100.

Im sorta locked in to AutoDesk already because all my parts were made with it . . . will be a huge time waste to start over . . .

you said it was for other people, so IDK why would it matter, or do you want to share your parts?


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