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The AIMEC:4 robot by AMI
« on: November 23, 2010, 08:38:50 AM »
I have just launched my new robotics company www.appliedmachineintelligence.co.uk

Applied Machine Intelligence Ltd. is focused on developing functional robots which can help people in their everyday daily life. The first two sectors we are working in are "entertainment robotics" and "personal robotics".

Introducing our latest robot AIMEC:4

The key design visions (goals) for AIMEC:4 are very different from the AIMEC:3 series. This robot is targeted as a mass market (high volume) robotic appliance (a useful general purpose Personal Robot). We already have face recognition working well, and we am now quite advanced with object recognition. This now opens the robot to serious applications, as vision has been the main stumbling block until now. When a robot can recognise an object, it can do useful work.

Before this, robots had to be in structured environments, where everything had to be in the right place. With the first AIMEC:4 vision system, we already have the robot seeing the difference between 'Diet' and 'Regular' coke cans, so a robot like this could go to a fridge, find and extract the right can! The AIMEC:4 will have much stronger arms and claws, so will have the ability to work with more intricate and heavier workloads. However, the cost of this new machine will be higher than AIMEC:3.

AIMEC:4 pretty much does everything that the AIMEC:3 series does but also has the following new features:-
  Advanced speech recognition (no limited grammars - any words/phrases can be recognised)
  NLP front-end (you can ask for things in many ways - no fixed command phrases)
  High quality TTS (voice output)
  Face recognition
  Eye tracking
  Object recognition
  Sound localization
  Thermal imaging and tracking
  Volumetric occupancy mapping
  More advanced self-learning algorithms
  Advanced A.I. core
  On-board main processing
  Heavy duty Arms with 3 finger manipulators
Brains on-board includes 2 x Intel Atom micro PC and 7 slave microcontrollers, the robot does not rely on an external PC or laptop but still has full Internet connectivity. Our vision with AIMEC:4 is to produce one of the first truly affordable (useful) Personal Robots.

Conceptioneering Ltd
To see Product Innovation - visit our website at www.conceptioneering.co.uk
To see Robotic Innovation - visit our website at www.appliedmachineintelligence.co.uk

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Re: The AIMEC:4 robot by AMI
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2010, 08:50:14 AM »
GREAT JOB!! It has been exciting seeing your progress after all of time. Congratulations  ;D


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