Author Topic: i need a good book for beginners about robotic base on AVR microcontroller and c  (Read 2387 times)

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hi this is my first topic here,and i'm not knowing here please help me i need your help,i wanna start robotic and i'm so beginner .if you know any book about this introduce it for me.i know c and c++ language is it enough to start?

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If you know c/c++ then no book is really needed. Start here:

Build the $50 robot and then read the other tutorials on this site that interest you and you'll be on your way. Also ask questions on the forum when needed. Robot Builders Bonanza is a good book but others may have more suggestions. To really start at the begining of electronics Sparkfun has some new tutorials coming out that could help. The bite sized primers are a great place to start. Its hard to justify buying a book when better more detailed information is free.
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