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I was wondering if anyone has found any free downloadable CAD programs or a really cheap one. See, I'm 13 and just can't put out a lot of money.

Steve Joblin:
Google Sketchup is pretty good... what kind of CAD are you trying to do?  There are some good free packages for electrical design (EagleCAD and PCBExpress are two that come to mind).

search the site first!!! (this question has been asked 30 times already :P)

Couldn't find exactly what I was looking for! Sorry :-\

haha  . . . yea sorry for being mean . . . its always the 30th person that gets my wrath :P

type in 'CAD' in the search box:

(apologies for the huge annoying google ads in the search, google wont let me remove that :()


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