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can any one give me constructional details for a robot that could climb a row of stairs

I am a member of Lego Robotics Group of Ann Arbor, MI (now from a distance  ;) ). We used to have regular challenges using Lego robots. One of these challenges was Stair climbing. There were 2 such events. The first one stated the robot must climb 5 steps as fast as possible. The second event stated the robot must gu up and down 5 steps on a home built wood stair, resembling a real stair. You can see pictures from both events at: - Stair climbing 1 - Stair climbing 2

We also had other interesting challenges: Item Gathering, King of the Hill, Lind Following, Maxwells Demons, Maze Solving, Milk Delivery, SmallFry Sumo, Soccer, Trash Day and 6 Sumo-bot events.

thank u i saw ur pics.but i need details for home built robot.another thing is there is no vertical traction i.e.., vertical wall for the stairs this leaves me confused


--- Quote from: dhanvantharim on June 11, 2007, 02:10:14 AM ---thank u i saw ur pics. but i need details for home built robot.
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Depends on the size of the robot and what other tasks it needs to acomplish. There are several ways to build a stair climber. There is the jack type, the treaded type and the 3 star wheel type.

--- Quote ---another thing is there is no vertical traction i.e.., vertical wall for the stairs this leaves me confused

--- End quote ---

Your question leaves me confused. I don't understand what you mean by vertical wall. If you mean side wall, no robot uses it for traction. If you mean the riser, you just have to sense it, not have traction on it. Probably if the robot size is very small, it needs to climb the riser like a wall.

maverick monk:
just put large tracks on it, like

to me it seams it should be twice as long as the rizer hight added to the runner lenght ( the | and _ parts of the stair) a low cg would help alot


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