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Could someone recomment an I2C servo controller


So, I'm just starting out, but I have been able to get an Imsys SNAP TINI microcontroller talking I2C to a Devantech ultrasonic range finder and LCD. So far, so good, but next I want to tackle servo control. Does anyone know of an I2C servo controller that's not too expensive, or know where I could find plans to build one?

A google search could've given you the following sites:
http://www.min.at/prinz/oe1rib/I2C-Servo/ (its a howto build a servo controller page)

Devantech has their own line of servo controllers.
Mindsensors also has one.



Thanks for the pointers.

I saw that before but couldn't justify getting a PIC programmer just to build this module. If I see one cheap I may give it a go.

If you've checked Devantech's site they have a PIC PIC16F872 that is already pre-programmed and can handle 20 servos. Using the information from the tutorial and several additional h/w you can build for yourself a 20 servo controller.


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