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What laptop should I get?

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what laptop should I get that will help me program stuff and build robots? (what requirements help?) I know  anything is probobly fine. I was just wandering cuz I am getting 1 on my b day!

what's the budget?

uh if you want to run vista you need at least a gig of ram, not to mention a 3.4 Ghz processor - Any of the dual cores I think should work.

I think Intel has faster processors right now but there also more expensive,

Try to get one with a serial port if you can find one - most laptops only have USB and printer ports now,

Unless your going to be haling it around I suggest you buy a desktop instead - more bang for your buck.

I wouldn't spend more then 1k for a laptop.

Steve Joblin:
Most "hobby" software for building robots is able to run on just about any computer that you can buy.  I can't really imagine getting a new laptop that wouldn't run any of the applications that you would use for programming and building robots.

It goes without saying, that many good programming systems may not have Mac versions, so I would stick with a PC, and stay away from Apple.

yahh well we have already got like 5-6 desktops around the house and about 3 of them are pretty good computers. Plus I just want something portable :D. My budget is probly around 500-800


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