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hy i recently got a STK500 kit and i then i tried to compile my c code (from tutorial) with avrstudio (gcc or something that makes c files standard) and then i just got stuck how would this come

(or just give me an other c compiler that works)

What errors did you get?

I'm not sure if AVRStudio includes a compiler by default. You might need to install WinAVR (it is a gcc derivative, then set AVRStudio to use WinAVR. WinAVR integrates very well with AVRStudio.

ok how do u set avr studio to use winavr

You mush have both AVRStudio and WinAVR installed.

Create a new project, Project -> Project Wizard, on the next window click on "New Project", then on the next window click "AVR GCC" under the Project type. This tells AVRStudio that your project uses a C compiler.

If you are already working on a project file (ie it was previously created) get the project's Project Options (Project -> Configuration Options). Goto "Custom Options" check on the "Use WinAVR" check box in External Tools if its not checked.

Hope this helps you out a bit.

follow this and you should be fine:


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