Author Topic: choise of microcontrollers when I don't need programming to flash.(live control)  (Read 758 times)

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Hi, I'm new to microcontrollers.

I was thinking of creating hexapod spider robot with at least 12 servos on it (digital or analog-not sure). I have no idea what microcontroller I should buy... I don't want to create any scripts on C or others, compile them an putting on flash memory of microcontroller. -> all I want is direct "live" control, without any sensors, programming to flash memory and such. I do NOT need autonomous robot.

I did read this
and this
but I just want to control 12 servos via keyboard on PC (wirelessly), so I don't whant to pay extra money for flash memory on servo controller and other features I won't need...

Does any microcontroller have option for programming to flash? Is it non-separable? What specs/features should I search for a "simple" microcontroller.

By the way, is there any difference between "servo controller" and "microcontroller" terms?

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A servo controller and a microcontroller are two different devices.

As far as I know, all microcontrollers are programmable. It doesn't sound like you want a microcontroller at all - more like some sort of remote control. I know very little of remote control, however, this might help:

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The general implementation of a servo controller is a preprogrammed microcontroller that takes an input from another microcontroller and outputs it to the servos (essentially a more advanced multiplexer). 

Just about any microcontroller can be programmed to become a servo controller, but the commercial ones are debugged and have more support.

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...I know very little of remote control, however, this might help:

..."How to Build a Remote Control Robot" tutorial is just not my case....
Well, paragraph "Teleoperation" covers what I need, but only abstract idea, which I already understand.
"Optional: Teleoperation" explains it a bit, but I still don't get it.
I wanted examples on hardware like "you buy this servo controller and this wire, put this here..." Too bad there is no hardware examples, explanations,... "things you will need" list.  :'(

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Re: choise of servo controllers for wireless spider (for control via PC)
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2011, 12:00:13 PM »
thanks rbtying, it made it clearer a bit.

btw, I found helpful topic

I guess I will need "Mini Maestro 24-Channel USB Servo Controller" (
with "Bluetooth Modem - BlueSMiRF Gold" (

Any alternatives/suggestions, (mainly) on servo controller for wireless spider?
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