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don bunot:
hi im a newbie here, and also in robotics and just want to share my project its a MINI sumobot,

im currently using an pic16f877a microcontroller and also im a using a TWIN MOTOR ,

but i have a slight problem on applying my speed controller to my project.

do you guys have any idea..

inputs would much be much appreciated,.

thanks in advance.

Welcome! Can you be a little bit more specific on what your problem is? We will need more information before we can help.


Yes, we do need more info.

What Motor driver are you using? The PIC can not drive to motor directly so you need at least an H-bridge.

Post a link to any motor drive and motor you are using so we can easily look at the data sheets.

What sensors are you using?

I have used PIC16F874 (28pin version of the 877) for a differential drive Bot. The 877 will easily do everything needed on a Sumo bot.
Which programming language are you using? Assembler or C?

don bunot:
im currently using a toshiba TA7291s,.

heres the data sheet .

im using a PNA4602M

for my micro controller ive tried to use pic16f877a.

for my programming language. im planning to use MikroC in which im not very good at programming.  ;D

and very desperate to have my project done by FEBRUARY.. ::) :'(

Ok, the motor driver IC is for one motor so you will need two of them for two motors. IN1 & IN2 would be driven from the PIC. This Chip does not lend itself well to being PWM speed controlled by the PWM hardware module of the PIC due to needing to toogle two inputs.

The IR sensor requires a modulated IR light source of 38kHz. This sensor is commonly used for TV remote controlls and there is lots of info on the web on using these for Bot sensors and other purposes.

I don't know much about MikroC as I use HiTech C compiler and the MPLAB IDE from Microchip.

--- Quote ---very desperate to have my project done by FEBRUARY
--- End quote ---
And you first posted mid-way through February!!!!!

What have you gotten done?
Post the schematic you have and any code written. We'll try to help but remember this is not 'desperate' for any of us.

If you haven't started and have never written code for PICs then I'll estimate that if you work on this for several hours a day you could have the project done in a couple of months.

Good luck.


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