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don bunot:
thanks admin,.

im trying out servo motors instead of twin admin

don bunot:
"SUMO BOT with Speed CONTROLLER" using PWM pulse.

whew! i never thought i can never access my account again, so here is the UPDATE.

my PROJECT has been DONE. last MAY 2011(Which works perfectly), and I Graduated from my Computer Engineering Course.

i was soo busy with work. and i forgot to CLOSE this THREAD and FINISH what i Have started.

and later i will post here my Finished Product of my Project. Pictures, VIDEOS, Circuits, PDF and all Files that

Describes my said Project. but right now i still have to find my OLD files on my hard drive.

Thanks Everyone.

Ok Don, that is great news. Congrats.
Thanks for the update and am looking forward to the pictures, etc.

don bunot:
HI walter. yeah. so this is it.


don bunot:

whew! photos..

PM me for the VIDEO LINKS.

as i am running out of time ciao for today..

Don Rey


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