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Got your PM and posted it here:

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hi walter thanks for the kind replies, ive used 2 motor drivers. but i dont know if i am using the right ic to put pwm on my program to work on,.. pls i need some expert advice.,. im still a newbie, anyways deadline was pushed till 2nd week of march.

and i hope to fininsh this the soonest,.

i dont know about about speed controllers and how to manipulate them, but if i can put speed controller on my sumobot w.o using pwm and the hassle of programing it, then i thinks its already been done,. or im done with the project.

i was thinking of voltage divider if it is possible to drive as speed controller,.

i will post here my schematics and my ckt on sensors. as i have used 2n222a for my sensors and 555 timer to produce 38khz of fixed frequency to detect my object.

looking forward to chat with you again man,.

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A voltage divider will not work for speed control with the driver chip you have.

I'm now thinking that you may not need any speed control for a Sumo Bot. Just go, stop, reverse, turn right, turn left. This would be easy to program and help in meeting your deadline. So for now forget about using PWM and just use the logic table in the motor driver data sheet.

Get the motors and driver chip wired and start testing. Look at some of the other recent threads here any other issues.

The other complication with speed control is the feed-back requirement. Save this for another Bot.

I have used those 38kHz sensors on a Bot for object detection and they do work well. Hint: I adjusted the distance of detection by adjusting the modulated IR LED current (LED's series resistor value). Another is shielding the sensor from the IR LED or shielding the IR LED. You want the sensor to only 'see' the reflected IR LED light.

How is the coding on the PIC going?

don bunot:
still having some problems on the coding waltr.

yep ill try to use the logic table thats present on the said IC.

thanks for the replies though.

appreciate it much buddy

hi don bunot

It's not entirely clear to us what your robot has working already, or what isn't working properly. We need more information.

Are you saying you don't have any code at all, and don't know where to start?

Have a look at my HyperSquirrel robot.

It uses a PIC16F877, and a L298 Dual full bridge driver IC (a motor driver). You will have to tweak it a bit to work with your motor driver. You can download my source code here.

Razor Concepts:
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