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Alternate for Hitec HS-311 servo

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I got all the parts for 50$ robot.Only my local dealers don't have and servos from Hitec
They catalog is online at http://www.vegarobokit.com/category.aspx?category_id=41 and http://www.servoelectronics.co.in/PHONES.html

can youl suggest alternate motor or servo
or tell me what specs to look for so i can complete 50$ robot
(buying parts local to keep cost low)

This looks like the standard HS-311:

It's probably a clone of it, and shouldn't be too hard to modify.

For the $50.00 robot, you need two SERVOS (not motors - there's no motor driver on the $50.00 robot) with a large enough torque to move your robot (probably in the 1.0kg-cm to 4kg-cm range)


--- Quote from: junkman on February 17, 2011, 03:42:24 AM ---or tell me what specs to look for so i can complete 50$ robot

--- End quote ---
You have already been pointed to a clone of the HS-311, but you can look for yourself in the Servo Data Base the next time you need specifics on a servo.

i just picked up 2 HItec HSR-1425cr servos from Hobby horse for about 17.00 EA + shipping. They are continues rotation so they don't have to be modified to be used as wheel motors(if that is what you were going to do with them).

 The specs on the package are :

Operating voltage : 4.8 to 6.0 v
Operating speed : 43.4 rpm+10%
Output torque: 38.88oz-in

***I in no way have any affiliation with the hobby shop mentioned above ***

thanks guys :D


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