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I already made a post about scavenging old monitors for parts and no one really knew if there was anything worth while in 1... So now I am asking if I would find anything of value by taking a part one of my old computers (not monitors)? ok thanks.

how old?

and o yeah there is alot.

voltage regulators, transistors, little heatsinks, headers, the paralel, serial, cables, etc, etc.

you can use the psu for a benchtop power supply.
12v and 5v

motors from drives

maverick monk:
also, fans, wire, LED's, you might find a use for the CMOS battery, the case for metal for the base of the bot, small switches, serial and usb ports that you might be able to mount on a board...

Steve Joblin:
Since most robots use some form of "processor", be it a microcontroller, or a CPU that controls a microcontoller, I would think that an old PC would be an excellent source of parts... as mentioned, they have a great power supply, motors from disk drives, switches, memory, circuit boards full of components (like gel caps used for powering the clock when the computer is turned off), etc.  In fact, I might be so bold as to say that there is no part of an old computer that could not be used!

If you remove the power supply, disk drives, case, and all the other "heavy" components, you could create a robot that uses the computer as it's "brain".

Can anyone think of a part from a PC that would not be useful?  Maybe the power cord?

Thanks... I have not decided which old and unused computer to take apart yet... yet I know that I am going to take a part thiis broken monitor. THere should be stuff in there right????................................


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