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HITEC: 107 oz/in torque ($73) ... GWS: 111 oz/in torque ($10)?

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S. Karim:

Has anyone ever seen this? Is either pololu or GWS durable?

Check the orange table for GWS S03T...111 oz/in for 10 dollars. Anyone can verify this things durability? Where can I get more info on it's gear type? For 10 dollars, they're sure to be nylon.

you also need to look at rotation speed of the servo horn.

S. Karim:
? Im not sure I understand. 0.27sec for 60 degrees isnt bad at all. I'm asking if anyone has any more info on these GWS servos, as in gear-type and trustability in the company's products?

I wasn't commenting on that servo - all I said was you need to take rotation speed into account also  when looking to purchase.

S. Karim:
ah ok. what does that have to do with my question though? ive never bought servos before so what is it about rotation speed exactly that you're trying to imply?


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