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Stereo Vision with Delphi

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Hi all... im new in this forum.... ;D nice to meet u all... ;)
Does anyone know how to get the depth map stereo vision in Delphi?? I mean the source code... ;D

Thx in advance,

You might be able to interface Delphi to Roborealm - see

Thx for the advice.... :) but i need the algorithm how to get the depth and disparity map......cause i want to implemented it in Delphi for my final project's.....

I'm not saying you should use another language... but what's driving you to use Delphi?

I'm using Delphi cause my final project's is divided in 2 section first vision sensor and second motor with fuzzy logic. My friend did the motor section with Delphi so I decided to use Delphi too.....and I use Delphi for the GUI so it can display the histogram, distance from the obstacle, histogram, etc.
Can u give me the algorithm for depth and disparity for a simple so i can implemented it in Delphi.... after my final project's is done I can show it to another poeple who want to learn the stereo vision in a simple GUI.... that's all. Can anyone give it to me....
Many thanx.....


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