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Instead of having two servo motors, I have one servo motor in the front and one regular motor in the back.  I was wondering if anyone knew any good code that could help me with these two kind of motors.  Thanks!

You can drive the servo with minimum code and electronics, you just need to be able to create a pulse that is x milliseconds in width.

For standard DC motors you need a continuous current running to the motor which your MCU might not be able to provide or handle. That is why most DC motors require H-bridges. When you have an H-bridge running the motor is as simple as generating a PWM signal. So your first priority is sticking an H-bridge to your robot if it doesn't have any yet.

Search and read the forums:

I'd recommend just buying a motor driver (that has an H-bridge already done for you). It'll save you tons of time.

(I know because I started motor control back when motor drivers were really expensive)


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