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Do you trust servos with plastic gears?


S. Karim:
Some plastic gear servo's with over 100 torque end up being very cheap, 15-20 bucks. Do you trust them? Would you trust them for robotic arms or legs applications?


Ive used probably 50 servos in the last 5 years, and only once did a gear crack. It was a plastic gear on a $13 Futaba s3110 microservo that I told to go back and forth a lot.

However Ive had the plastic output shafts crack on me probably 5 or so times (due to poor design and very rough treatment). I like metal output shafts much more for this reason.

You might also be interested in this post on servo lifetimes:

S. Karim:
Is there any different between 51 oz/in torque with nylon gears and 51 oz/in torque with karbonite gears?

the gears are stronger and should last longer

I have had many nylon gears strip and wear out when exposed to dirt and sand in outdoor mobile robots.


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