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Caster issues.

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 I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as what to use as a rear or front caster for a 2 wheel robot base, The issue is that any caster I can purchase where I live is too large for my needs, Omni wheels are something I will check out but I would like to come up with something that I can purchase around where I live.

Thanks for any help or information you can provide.

Maybe try a furniture store? They have casters for sofas.

Or anything that slides maybe, depending on what terrain you robot is going to travel on.

All the casters I have found are too large.

If your on a hard surface you could use a teflon slide or something of the sort.

Its going to go on carpet and hardwood flooring -  and it needs to be able to go across the transition between the two without getting stuck. I am thinking about just using a hard plastic ball that I drill a hole through. I might just buy a couple omni wheels.


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