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quadrocopter, 4 circuit designs, vote/comment
« on: April 19, 2011, 12:04:40 AM »
I have a few circuit designs for quadrocopters I'm playing around with. This is a survey about my designs. Please vote and comment.

All of these designs will work with AeroQuad and MultiWiiCopter (and their configurators) after slight modifications (mainly some pin reassignments). So flight software and tuning software are mostly ready already

All of these use ITG-3200 and ADXL345 for gyro and accelerometer (the 10cm design allows for BMA180 too), both great digital sensors


Here's a 5cm * 5cm design that's a kit, all through hole, the PCB will be pretty cheap, I might be able to work out a deal for the components. Requires FTDI cable and 6-DOF-IMU from SparkFun.

10 PCBs of this size will only cost $12 plus shipping if I use ITead studio for PCB prototyping, in the end, it can't cost too much until you consider the IMU's additional cost


Here's a 5cm * 5cm design, mostly surface mount, can be provided entirely assembled, requires FTDI cable

Designed mainly as an almost-ready-to-fly solution, I have no idea how much this will cost in the end


Here's a 10cm * 10cm design, through hole ATmega644PA but with 0805 sized components mixed in, plus level shifting for dual serial ports, lots of footprints for almost every device supported by AeroQuad mega, requires FTDI cable, or direct USB connectivity is possible if I leave it in the design

I can consider redesigning this so the 6-DOF-IMU is not required (build the ITG-3200 and ADXL345 right into the PCB), but the compass + barometer will still be SparkFun breakout boards

I already have 10 of these blank PCBs en-route to my house (I can solder SMD but probably can't do the ITG-3200 or ADXL345), but it's an expensive design and really meant for hardcore experimenters who also does not like using shields.

Website for this board is setup here http://code.google.com/p/ro-4-copter/


Here's a shield design, compatible with all Arduino variants, including the Mega and Seeeduino Mega (yes, all of them, all at once, just some pre-configuration needed), the ITG-3200 and ADXL345 (plus all 0603 components) will be pre-soldered for you, obviously requires an Arduino

You can snap off the Mega extension if you want and it'll still work.
There's real level shifting for the XBee, optional 3V3 regulator in case you have one of the older Arduino with the bad 3V3 supply
Signals pre-routed for AeroQuad Shield V1.8's configuration, but you can cut those traces and then solder new wires to different locations easily
The vias under the XBee are power rail nodes

Cost depends on what gets included


Keep in mind that a 6-DOF-IMU costs $65, an Arduino costs $22+, Arduino Mega is $65 and Seeeduino Mega is $45

Can everybody vote on the one they like best? Any comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome. Keep in mind that none of these have actually been made, and also I haven't worked out every single detail yet.
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