Author Topic: Choice of onboard computer/controller for upgrade on humanoid robot.  (Read 1034 times)

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Hello guys!

I'm an electrical engineering student who has recently become a robot enthusiast. I've just been asigned a project at my university (I'm studying electrical engineering) where I will upgrade a rather old (I think) version of the Kondo humanoid robot (http://www.kondo-robot.com/EN/wp/?cat=10). I will fit it with a new onboard computer/controller, add sensors and program it etc. However I don't have any real experience with either programming or installing this kind of electronics, so I thought I would come to you guys for advice. I didn't find any recent threads on this, so I decided to create a new thread on the topic.

The specs that need to be fullfilled are atleast are 17 I/O-ports to control servos plus some extra for sensors of my choice (I think something like two gyros and some pressure sensors for hands and feet would be useful)

I've been looking a bit at the Arduino and Gumstix chips. Of the Arduinos, only Mega and Mega2560 seem to have enough I/O:s and they seem a bit too large (101.6 x 53.3 mm)). The Gumstix seems to be a better choice, albeit a bit expensive (although I will not pay for it myself). Do you have any recommendations?

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Re: Choice of onboard computer/controller for upgrade on humanoid robot.
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What about the Axon II?  It's only 65x65 mm (2.542 x 2.542 inches).
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