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Is this a good IR rangefinder?
And if so where do I (and where) connect it to the microcontroller?
Right now I'm in the planning stage of my first robot and I'm hoping to make a sumo bot (not quite stampy but pretty close) and I'm wanting to find an IR Rangefinder that can do what his can. I don't think I'll be competing, but I'd like to make one if a competition comes my way. Thank you,


A quick question- if I have it go after things like stampy will it go after things that don't move? cause the only thing I'd want it to go after is me, my brother, or my cat. :P

Yes (I think it's the exact same one Stampy uses)
Plug the output into an analog to digital converter pin of your microcontroller, if your microcontroller has an analog to digital module, connect the other two to the ground and Vdd

Tracking motion is all in the programming, you will need to compare two results and if there is a significant difference, it indicates movement, this will require the robot to stay still for two complete range scans, compare, then move
There might be another way (doppler effect with IR? ultrasound?)

Maybe you can program it to predict where the object is relative the the robot after each move, then you can have the robot move constantly while looking for moving objects.

Ok, so I'm gonna use this microcontroller:
do I need a programmer/program to program it?
-sry, noob question... :P
Oh, and would anyone reccomend a camera instead?

An Arduino uses a bootloader, the FTDI chip on the board allows USB signals to be translated into UART signals, which is loaded into the microcontroller and that is how it's programmed

No, you don't need a programmer

A camera won't make motion sensing any simpler
Here's an idea... Get http://www.parallax.com/detail.asp?product_id=555-28027 , you still need to stop your robot once in a while to actually sense motion


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