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boost AVR programming speed?


Im working with an ATmega168 and my program takes forever to upload making testing painfully slow . . .

Is there any mod I can do to make programs upload faster?

On my PICs I use a programmer and bootloader that only write to areas that have changed in my program. It makes programming way faster . . .

Your problem is the programmer settings. Open the programmer window in AVR Studio, go to the "Board" tab, and Click the "Read" button for Oscillator and ISP Clock. Change the ISP Freq. to 125 kHz, and then "Write".

You should notice a small difference...

- Jon

hmmmm it doesnt have 125khz . . .

but it does have:
921.6 kHz
230.4 kHz
57.6 kHz
28.8 kHz
4.00 kHz
603 Hz

I have it set to 4kHz and it says "Attainable: 3.955 kHz"

Which should I choose, meaning any reason I cant just use the highest number? I tried 28kHz and it went much faster :)

nm it says "The ISP frequency must be less than 1/4 of the target clock"

Im running at 1MHz clock so its super fast at 230.4kHz :)

Try to use Avrdude. I have seen it programming+verify in half the time it takes in ponyprog.


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