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Anyone have any experience with TowerPro servos?

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S. Karim:
They are offering a metal gear, digi coreless 0.13s/60 deg., BB/HS/HT at 208. oz/in torque (6V). This is 15 dollars. Anyone have any experience on their reliability?

seams too good to be true.
servos that strong are about $100

Where did you see this offer? Post the internet link (if it is on the web)

S. Karim:

They are cheap.... I found Servo SG-5010 BB Standard on a local shop(these shops in my country are usually very expensive!!)  and they sell it for 10 $
Force: 6.5 kg-cm
Speed:  (6V without load): 0.16 s / 60 grade


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