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for sale: iRobot Create BAM bluetooth + charger

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Instructables gave this to me as a prize today, but I sold my iRobot Create years ago.

It's valued at $59+shipping. New and unopened. I'm selling it for $50 and free shipping.

They also gave me a charger, but I already have one for my Roomba. New and unopened.

It's valued at $39.99+shipping. I'm selling it for $30 and free shipping.

It outputs 22V at 1.25A, if you want to hack it for something else.

I also have a old iRobot battery, but it's mostly dead. The case (holds 12 AA batteries) is valued at $9, and it's yours for free if you pay for shipping.

Id love to buy this

is it still available?

Yeap still available.

Also, I just got this in the mail:
(in case if you are interested)

Send me an email with your shipping details and what you're specifically interested in, and I'll work out the bill. I'm a bit busy, so it may take a few days to get it done - sorry!

All items are still for sale.

(mattigray changed his mind, so I removed the last post to avoid confusion)

Is the BAM still in sale? If so, how can I pay for it? I'm outside of the states.

Best Regards,


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