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robot job with Solarbotics in Alberta, Canada


got this in my email today:

--- Quote ---Solarbotics is looking for an R&D specialist, potential applicants
should have experience in the following areas:
BEAM Technology (Logic Level Robotics)
Mechanical design
Good tech support abilities
PCB design
working knowledge of any/all of the following u-controllers is a plus,
Atmel, PIC, Basic Stamp, PICAXE, ooPIC, Propeller
Programming abilities also a plus
oh, and you certainly MUST have a good sense of humor.

Solarbotics is located in Beautiful (but sometimes cold) Calgary
Alberta Canada. There is a bit of a process to getting into the work
system in Canada, two plus years of secondary schooling makes it much
easier to get through the migration process.

This is a great career opportunity in robotics for the right person.
Interested persons should send a Resume' and desired salary to

Any questions or comments should be directed to me via
dan@... also read more about it on both the website and on the newest addition to the family, website.

-Dan Gates
--- End quote ---


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