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I want a battery pack that lasts long...what to look for?

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S. Karim:
Okay Im at onlybatterypacks.com (recommend other sites please) and I found a couple NiMH battery packs at 6V ranging from 350mAh to 10000 mAh.

I want a battery pack with a lot of juice and lasts very long, what do I look for? Thanks!

Li-Poly batteries is probably the best but it is delicate (can't drain it too much or you risk damaging the battery) and expensive
It packs a huge punch for less weight, probably as good as it gets for robots and RC

This one packs 7.4V 8000mAh, costs about $200, weighs 11.29 oz, something with half the power will weigh over a pound

S. Karim:
Im investing around 30-50 dollars into a pack and a charger. Could we work on something now?

The 10000 mAh ones at onlybatterpacks.com is only $51.50, where do I purchase chargers? I dont mind if it takes a day to charge.

maverick monk:
this is a realy nice charger but will need a power suply, you can mod a old computer psu to output 1 12v channel fairly easily, search google for instructions.
you CAN NOT use a "wall wart" style power supply, you should get somthing with a large amperage supply.
look for somthing along the lines of http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/WTI0001P?&I=LXL356&P=V
install a voltage cut off on your batteries to cut off the voltage befor they get below a certain point ( usualy befor they go below 3v per cell)
watch these batteries charge, if they start to bloat, smoke, smell or anything odd,turn off the charger, pick them up with somthing (not your hands, that would be dumb) and place them outside, its not a bad idea to set the batteries inside a cinderblock wile charging

I recommend just getting a plastic holder and going to Harbor freight.com (no space)
to get their rechargeable niCad- for 4 it's about 5$ I think- and just getting new ones once those die.


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