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Stupid servohorn question


It looks like every servohorn that I see online has predrilled holes all over them, whether it be on a 4-arm cross or a circle or a gear or whatever.  Are there special pins that are supposed to fit in there, or if not, what kind of screw is supposed to fit in there?  Home Depot, Ace Hardware, even RadioShack doesn't carry screws that small, as far as I can tell.  How are you supposed to use those?


You can always make them bigger with a drill.

Yep, I can do that easy.  I was just wondering if there was some standard servo pin or something (I didn't want to drill out the holes and then realize later that I had ruined the horn for whatever connector is supposed to fit in there).  If they are designed to be drilled out to fit any screw I want, then I am happy to do so ;)


Steve Joblin:
they are usually designed to accept a rod with a z bend (as in this pic... or other servo links (as in this pic

search on Servo links or servo linkages to see more examples.


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