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Sales/swap/exchange section in the forum??

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Didn't I suggest this 2 years ago?

O Wait, I did!!

--- Quote from: madsci1016 ---I'm not sure if this has been suggested, but perhaps a new forum that might be nice is an 'exchange' forum to sell or trade robot parts? For example i have a 3d accel, i2c compass and that lovely Venus GPS that I want to sell. I'm sure many members here have some old robot parts they want to get rid of, but are two... unique to be put on ebay, as they wouldn't reach an interested customer as it would on SoR.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Admin ---Not enough people sell stuff to be worth a new forum section, you aren't the first to suggest it . . . this is what I recommend for a subject line:

[for sale] sensors, gps, compass, etc.

Those interested in buying that stuff will notice. Actually, I was thinking of selling my Venus as well . . .

--- End quote ---

How times have changed I guess.  :P

So....back to original post....does anyone out there have a pair of 4mm ID, or 1/4" ID wheel hubs they're willing to sell/swap/trade?!  ;)

A wheeled bot, with no wheels, is a very sad sight to behold!!  :-[

Really like the idea of a blog forum, don't read them all that often but sometimes they can be really insightful and if not, a good laugh after you've fried your brain trying to fit a textbook's worth of information in it.

As for the trade forum, well clearly in never developed and I think due to the hoardiness (its a real word in my head) trait I think most people apart of this forum would have, it would fail.

Jacko :D

Good day!!  Sir/ Ma'am do you have a stock of AXON II??

My company buys and sells industrial surplus, including robotics. You may want to check out the website since stuff comes and goes every day.


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