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Where to buy components?

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I am a new guy in this forum and also in USA.

I have a controller but I need other parts(motors, sensors, etc.) to begin my adventure on robot building.

While I am new to this country I don't know from where I can buy electronic components.

If you guys can suggest me any retail shops or websites I will be delightful! :)

I am residing in California if that helps.


Check the robot parts list  :P


I just redesigned it a few days ago, so let me know if you have improvement ideas.


That'll help.

But instead I am searching of a shop or something that I could go in and buy 8k resistors and such.

Radioshack or a hobby shop in your area might have what you need for electronics. But you may be just as likely to find the resistor you want in some old junk electronics . . .

For hardware you would want either a HomeDepot or a Lowes Hardware store.

For DC motors you could buy a cheap cordless drill and hack it open for the motor and batteries.

I often buy toys at Walmart or some toy store and break it open for the electronics parts . . .

Anyone else with ideas?

Today I'll be going to Walmart and Home Depot.

Let's see what I can get.

Thanks for the advices!


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