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Simple Remote Robot Control with Game Controller
« on: August 13, 2011, 12:13:23 PM »
As part of a larger project, I need to control a group of robots on a Zigbee mesh network.  My PC will be in the network so that I can perform some offline computing of more complex algorithms, if needed.  So, I have an XBee dongle for my PC and would like to use a game controller to control the robots.

The focus of my project isn’t how to interface a game controller to my PC, so I’m looking for the easiest solution.  Can anyone point me to a resource or product that makes using a game controller with your PC to remotely control a robot relatively simple? I don’t have a specific game controller in mind – it just needs to have enough inputs, which most do anyway.

Ideally, I could read in my controller inputs into something like matlab, perform some calculations then send commands to my robots via the Zigbee network.

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.



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