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Hi! I'm new in the forums and so far it looks great.

I'm building a robot using parallax (futaba) continuous rotation servos but I want to add a litlle more speed to the design without losing too much torque.

The robot should be able to cross small pools of water (10cm~15cm deep) so I thought of waterproofing the servos or using gears, but I'm not sure what would be the best option. Also, the robot can't be too high (no more than 30cm) so I can't use big wheels.

If someone could help me a little with alternatives, examples or ideas I will be very glad.


Steve Joblin:
I've gotten more speed by simply pumping it with more voltage... They say they are rated for 6V max, but I've given them 9v (6 AA batteries) with no probs yet.  This site has some pretty good tutorials for waterproofing, so have a look.

Indeed, I just tried putting 12v to a servo and it got faster, but also pretty hot.

I will do a continuous 10 minute run on 12v and see if it survives.


EDIT: it endured 2 minutes xD

it still works but now it's slower.

I think a 7.2v Lithium battery will do fine, but the speed gain isn't that much. From [email protected] to [email protected]  approx...

Steve Joblin:
if 12 volts makes it too hot, and 7.2 doesn't get you what you want, try 9 volts... I think you will find it to be the perfect voltage to compliment your modified servos!

You mean the robot will drive on the bottom of the pool of water right?
And if you search the forum for waterproofing a servo you will find a topic admin put up.
If your servo get hot its no point in running it uintil it stops, if it gets hot stop at once, trust me i know all about it, i ran a RC microcontroller at to much voltage and it got HOT and started to smoke.
Yeh u could try 9 V or just buy a better servo..!

(Check out, i have ordered some servos from there and they have got good respons)


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