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Good weight for base

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Hi I'm making a wooden base and I'm wondering what a good weight would be. My base right now is a little over a pound.(will get lighter once I get parts- it's very large right now and 3/4" thick)

Steve Joblin:
It all depends... two approaches:

1.  build the base to the "sturdiness" you need, and whatever weight it is, it is.  Then find motors that will work with that kind of load.
2.  pick the motors you want and let the specifications determine how heavy your base can be.

These are the specifications for the motor:
Physical Details
Gearbox Type      Spur
Reduction Ratio      54:1
Reduction Stages      
Gear Material      All Metal
Weight (Gearbox only)      0.5 oz (15g)
Weight (with motor)      1.1 oz (32g)
Length (gearbox only)      0.6 in (16mm)
Length (with motor)      1.7 in (43mm)
Gearbox Diameter      0.6 in (16mm)
Width (mounting block)      n/a
Shaft Diameter      0.118 in (3mm)
Shaft Length      1.5 in (38mm)
Shaft Keyway      n/a
Shaft End Tap      n/a
Mounting Holes      2 x #2-56

Motor Details
Motor      FF-050
Operating V      4.5v - 8v
Nominal V      6v
No Load RPM      276 rpm
No Load Current      0.3A
Stall Current      1.8A
Stall Torque      50.3 oz-in (355 mN-m)
kt      27.94 oz-in/A (197 mN-m/A)
Kv      46 rpm/V
What is the weight 2 of these can handle?

maverick monk:
i would go as lite as possible, those are small motors, look into using basswood as a base, its going to be the lightest wood you can go with without breaking as easily as balsa

yeh those motors work perfectly for my 22 oz robot, and I think they could handle up to about a 2 pound robot, but since just your base is a little over a pound you might want to consider a lighter base material such as expanded PVC, or get motors more fit for the heavy job.


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