Author Topic: Axon - Getting started issues - 'wheel_right' and 'wheel_left' not a function??  (Read 1326 times)

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Trying to get started with Axon... added source files axon.c, control.c and hardware.c and also the header file SoR_utils.h into the Project on AVR Studio but keep getting 'wheel_left' and also 'wheel_right' not a function errors...I have programmed in Java but am getting stuck here....
Exact steps followed:
1. AVR Studio > New project > Project Name = Initial File Name = Axon
2. Folder selected is c:\SoR\Axon; ATmega640 selected
3. Axon source code copied into the folder Axon
4. Copied code from Axon.c (from the source code) in notepad, then pasted into axon.c (the same name as the project).
5. Added all source and header files as per the instruction

When I try to build, I get 2 errors:
1. ...control.c called object 'wheel_left' is not a function and
2. ...control.c called object 'wheel_right' is not a function

Please help.....thanks

***** corrected the error by specifying the external makefile **********
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Good that you resolved the issue.

I recommend now using WebbotLib with Project Designer for the Axon. It's much better than my old outdated code. See the Axon Mote getting started tutorial for help.


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